Monday, May 18, 2009

Serious Grubs

While taking some video of the Peeps family today, I was able to see that the baby food diet of worms has been upgraded to include grasshoppers and crunchies! I never get tired of watching this little family in action. Today, I also noticed that one parent is on housekeeping duty, clearing the nest of unwanted by products, while the other continues to feed. I thought I was watching a tennis match when a fly circled around their nest. Every one of them kept a close eye on that fly as he flew back and forth. They are really stretching their wings more too. I did a bit of research on the American Robin, and found out that the peeplings will be able to fly at 2 weeks. To my calculations, that will be this week! It often takes place at night, so we may not get to see that. Check back for updates!

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