Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Birdhouse

For Mother's Day this year, I got this cute bird house. I had seen it at our garden center and just loved it. A few years ago, I picked up these little birds, amazingly I bought 6 of them. Now I have a little family in my front room window that reminds me of the little family that used to live here! I need to find a cute nest to fit inside.


  1. i just love birds. thanks for the updates on the bird family!

  2. Thanks Ashley! I know lots of people are watching the bird blog, but not too many comments. I do miss that little family. We did see some robins in the yard this evening and wondered, could it be the Peeps family? Who knows, maybe they will be back some day! Take care. I got some flirty skirts done for the girls in Spokane, you'll have to check out my Jewels Junk blog. I'm also posting the pillowcase pattern and my "glamour gloves." You'll have to check it out!

  3. That is so cute!! Your little bird house family!! What a cute idea :)