Sunday, April 28, 2013

Oh Happy Day!

 Almost exactly 4 years ago some of you watched in amazement with us the adventures of Fauntleroy and Penny and the family of peeps that hatched on our front porch. It took place from May 6th-May 22nd, with a final visit on Memorial Day. You can click back on this blog. The first pictures looks a lot like this one, plus one egg!  In those weeks, I was totally occupied with checking on the nest morning and night, watching their every move and changes with those little eggs. Whenever mama left the nest I would take pictures and post them here on my blog. It was such a fun thing to observe. I know my family wondered if I could hold down my job. I was totally consumed by my birds! I never took the nest down after they flew the coop, secretly hoping that maybe they would return, but four years went by and each spring I would watch for any signs. Last week, April 24, I was home sick. I had noticed some action out on the front porch. The nest looked somewhat bigger, like a new addition had been added on! I held my camera up, snapped a picture and sure enough, three little blue eggs! Not too much later I caught sight of some fluttering and noticed someone sitting on the nest! Here we go again! I like to think this is one of the little ones who found their way back home to a safe place to raise a family! I'll be posting regularly, if you want to follow this story!  

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